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How it all started....?

Updated: Nov 16

I often find myself repeating the phrase, "Some of the most cherished aspects of life arise from unexpected circumstances and the process of trial and error."

My upbringing was primarily shaped by my mother, and having a strong female influence instilled in me a deep appreciation for form, fit, structure, and color. Over the years, I honed these influences into my unique style through a journey filled with experimentation and resilience.

I had an innate passion for experimenting with different looks, even if it meant becoming the subject of jokes among my brother and friends. To me, the only judgment that mattered was whether it felt right. Eventually, I learned to push past the fear of "What will people think?" and began to define the distinctive sense of style that I proudly wear today. This willingness to embrace new ideas and endure the trials and errors of fashion led me to understand what works, for whom, and why.

People often misconstrue the act of dedicating time to one's appearance as vanity. However, I believe it signifies a true love for oneself and for communicating through personal style. While most of my peers pursued formal education in the field of fashion and design, I embarked on a different path. My young adult years, devoid of formal training, were a period of self-exploration and experimentation that solidified the design aesthetics I embody today. This process made me intuitive, granting me a unique perspective unburdened by the latest fashion trends.

In the end, whether you are formally trained in fashion or not, it remains a significant part of conveying your story each day, one cryptic piece of information at a time. It's that art of sharing your authentic narrative that defines what the House of Govinda represents today.

Govinda Mehta, Creative Director the House of Govinda.

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