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Tailoring &


When you walk into Raisson D’Être you walk into a commitment to always being serviced uniquely for who you are and not what you can buy off a rack. For us, what you wear is an extension of an ever-evolving persona. And by being genuinely bespoke and 100% customisable we delve deep into the many layers of your personality even before we dress you in one of their kind ensembles and couture.  

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At Raisson D’Être we work by the maxim of less is more which is why we pre-select fabrics, colours, trends, and fits of the season to ensure you of a selection that is curated by one of the finest eyes in the global menswear space. We bring our aesthetic nuance to what we believe will be the next big global trend so that what you wear, from head to toe, is always one step ahead of the rest. 




We believe that the art of tailoring is an individual process. The seamster needs to see, feel and resonate with who he is tailoring for to best extract and execute true value from your ensemble of choice. This is why At Raisson D’Être, our fitting sessions are always one on one with Govinda Mehta himself. Trying to find you the right balance between well-tailored and suave is the kind of perfection that we seek to deliver constantly. 

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When we stitch you a customised ensemble at Raisson D’Être, we do so keeping a fashionable eye for the future as well. This is why what we stitch for you to celebrate your happy occasion is also something you can repeat at other celebrations to extract maximum value and maximum compliments. Mix and match with your wardrobe and almost nothing will ever feel out of place.

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