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Govinda Mehta

Govinda Mehta is the founder and principal designer at THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA. 

​With over a decade of bespoke tailoring experience, Govinda customises one look after another with the same panache for anyone who walks into his studio as when he is dressing up stars like Ranvir Singh and Farhan Akhtar to name just a few. His passion and exuberance to get the fabric, fit, and tailoring just right are what sets him apart in the industry. A believer of pushing the envelope, he plays with risks enough for you to feel the difference in how you look but never more than what you’re comfortable with. Whether that means uplifting an already beguiling personality or maintaining the subtlety of a demure aura, he and his team have the insight & expertise to do it all. 

A series of happy accidents may have led Govinda into the life and world of design, but the consistent success of THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA is no accident at all. It is a culmination of gruelling 12-hour days, immeasurable zeal, thoroughbred knowledge, and an uncanny ability to perceive. Govinda consults on every trial and every fit session, in-person no less. His clients place all their trust in him to provide them with clothes that make them look and feel their best, and he never fails to deliver.

The Studio

When you enter the studio at THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA you experience a luxurious combination of the plush and comforting all at once. From the bustling atmosphere, simplistic displays and warm environment, the studio provides everyone who walks in with a safe space in which they can truly experience the magic of bespoke clothing. 

This is the centre of everything that happens at THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, where one creation after another is conceptualised, executed, and produced bearing our hallmark seal of fine tailoring and bespoke customisation. We welcome you to take a tour of the Studio to truly experience our home of happiness.

Bepoke, tailored and customised menswear at Raisson D'être by Govinda Mehta

The Team

By Govinda Mehta

Churning out one fine garment after another every day from THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA studio in South Mumbai is a team of dedicated artisans, masters, and designers who put their hearts into dreaming Govinda’s dream and their combined energies into achieving it. In a fast-paced business where everything is constantly changing, THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA is proud to share that our staff has stood the test of time, together weathering storms and scaling zeniths.

This is widely due to the almost familial comfortability between the management and all the different employees that collaborate together to make THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA a menswear brand of quality and repute. Unwavering dedication towards their craft and a motherlike nurturing of the process and the end product define the team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make you look and feel your best.

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