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process behind the making of garments at Raisson D'être by Govinda Mehta

The Process

Engineered to deliver the real YOU!

At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA we believe there is a science behind the process of bespoke clothing and allow our perception to take over when meeting with you for the first time leading you towards a humble transition as opposed to instant or jarring change. From sincerely listening to what your needs are, to applying our extensive expertise as to what you’ll look and feel best in, we try to weave in the intangibles that personify what bespoke should actually mean.

We understand that seeing is believing which is why Govinda Mehta himself carefully curates and even regularly wears every single sample garment before suggesting it to you for your special day. At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, your order isn’t the end product. YOU ARE

Bespoke Consultations

One on One For Everyone

At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, a consult exclusively with Govinda Mehta goes beyond the realm of fabric, colours, and fits. It delves into your personality to help you optimize your presence for your special occasion. 


Before he began his full time career as a designer, Govinda had only one singular way to make time for his panache for fashion- meeting friends one on one for personalized fashion consults. Which since has come to be the benchmark for the THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA. The specialized time, attention & understanding he lends to a consult, is the hallmark of the bespoke experience here. For not only is the team stitching the garment that will eventually come to adorn you, but  at every step, they are weaving it with very threads of the story you, yourself are. 

Bespoke one on one consultations with designer Govinda Mehta


Savour a taste for the finest

At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA our cuts and fits are our biggest communicators. This is because while we pay astute attention to the latest trends across fashion markets, domestic and internationally, we also never ever lose focus on our ability to offer fine tailoring and bespoke craftsmanship every time.

Before a fabric, colour swatch, or even a picture is shown to you, it has already been preselected by a trained and professional eye and filtered by Govinda Mehta himself. The end result is a selection of trousers, shirts and other garments for everyday and occasion wear relative to the trends and times. And one that always ensures a stylised product with the finest tailoring at its very heart and core. That’s us; organic in essence with an intangible value like no one else.


The artisans that create your final garment are the foundation of the THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA. A visit to the studio, shows you how  Govinda, his team of designers and stylists and the myriad artisans, tailors and masters, all call this fashion house, their home. There is a constant flow of movement and dialogue between the various parts of this house, to ensure your bespoke outfits are just the right fit, cut and style. From your consults to fittings, you get to interact with the entire team and personally experience the method to the madness, that is inevitably part of any artistic & creative pursuit. 

Matches Made In Heaven

6 points that stand apart at your wedding

Compliment what the bride is wearing: Sponge of the bride’s outfit colour to help you both look great individually and together.

Our wedding language: Both the bride and the groom need to ooze a sense of unison.

Your personality. Your specifics: The groom’s personality, skin tone and other such very minute details design and uplift the look.

Choosing the right garment: Choosing what to wear when matters as much.

Compliment your peers or have them compliment you: The groom’s garments should ideally influence what his other male peers are wearing.

Repeat Value: We also strive to ensure that you can repeat these incredible threads and hues for other functions in the future. 

Bespoke one on one fittings at Raisson D'être by Govinda Mehta

Supervised Fittings

For that heavenly fit

At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA we keep quality tailoring at the centre of everything that we produce which is why getting the fit of your clothes right is our single most important priorities. Try on as many garments as you need to, Govinda and his team are always by your side through the duration of your fitting all the time, every time. Your fittings are always a one-on-one experience with Principal Designer Govinda Mehta himself and his entourage of skilled seamsters who work hard to ensure that even the minutest of details are always in place.

For us it is essential that you take back clothes that shape the contours of not just your body but also your personality. This is when the fit is a match made in tailoring Heaven.

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