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Meet the designer Govinda Mehta

The Vision

In a world of fast standardized fashion, an individual’s unique essence is often easily masked and hidden. While off the rack options make for a quick and easy choice; bespoke wear prioritises individuality and empowers you to shine through clothes created specifically for you. Govinda’s dedication  to create a brand that is first and foremost based on tailoring revives and sustains the heritage of Indian artisans & their artistry. When you are dressed in garments created by THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, you can be confident that your clothes are infused with the rich history and craftsmanship of the Indian community, while still being tailored just for you.

Govinda strongly believes that the stories we tell the world about ourselves are based on how we present ourselves and how we can best make ourselves feel confident. When we look our best, we feel our best and so we, at THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, work tirelessly and meticulously to ensure that you can look and feel like the best possible version of yourself. At THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA, the outfit itself is not the priority- the priority is making sure that you, your essence & story- all feel rediscovered and reinvented.

The Mission

THE HOUSE OF GOVINDA is a tailor-led, design sensitive fashion house crafted to bring you the best of men’s bespoke wear. This means that the customer is the Sun around which the galaxy of making clothes revolves and so every piece is unique to you, your measurements and your voice. It involves an intricate and educated thought process including but not limited to a harmonious coming together of  textures and cuts, prints and silhouettes, physique and styles, colours and skin tones. Present at almost every session, Govinda and his team immerse themselves in the process of finding the most befitting look for you. 

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The Intangibles

By Govinda Mehta

As a menswear brand, The House of Govinda is set apart from its peers by some intangible value addition from principal designer and founder Govinda Mehta.

Sincerity and complete transparency: For us, you are the bigger picture

Understanding the Client and the Occasion: We pride ourselves in understanding what the client wants and needs

Every fabric pre-curated: Just so that you do not need to go through a hundred swatches

Present at every fitting: Govinda shares a personal involvement with every client

Innovation beyond the contemporary: Govinda’s hand is squarely on the pulse of anything that trends in menswear fashion

Plays mannequin to every client: Seeing is believing at The House of Govinda which is why Govinda himself is happy to parade his looks

Creating value. Rationalising wardrobes: The best part about a piece from The House of Govinda is that you can repeat it with a little mixing and matching.

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