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Govinda describes his style essence as…

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

No accident! While my personal style is what one would call ‘classic’, there is a lot of thought that goes into the outfit that I choose for the day. The classic style is often written off as “simple”, but to me it’s about knowing that a simple tone-on-tone look will enhance my features the best.

For me, the understated classic looks when paired with the right statement piece- like the right pair of shoes or a belt, can elevate my everyday looks to a level of chic that’s work appropriate.

Some might think that there’s a divide between my personal style and my designs here at the House of Govinda, but it’s essentially about the what you need your clothes to do for you. I’m usually dressing my clients for life’s big moments, so their outfits scream grandiosity and subtle drama.

In the end, fashion is an extension of oneself. There’s only one guiding principle that I think of when it comes to style- that of serving your purpose.



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