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What genre of fashion inspires you when designing looks for the House of Govinda?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I’d say my designs for the House of Govinda are heavily inspired by the military, admiral, and army aesthetic. I was always in awe of how industry greats like Karl Lagerfeld and Shantanu and Nikhil in India imbued such commandeering and authoritative elements into looks that showcase great design harmony.

Another influence that my designs have become synonymous with is the tone-on-tone look. The appeal a simple monochrome colour scheme can illicit- whether it be a bandhgala set or a classic suit, is phenomenal as it lets the person own the clothes and not the other way round.

I believe any design should accomplish one primary goal: to highlight and uplift the features of the wearer. They should act as a canvas through which one can communicate their personality. And that leads to the overarching philosophy of our brand as well- Person first, product later.

And that’s what sets the House of Govinda apart.


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